The Joppa Ball

The Joppa ball is a morph originally proven by Ben Renick at Renick Reptiles. It is a dominant, possible “codominant” (yet to be proven) morph that brightens the colors, adding brighter yellows and oranges, and cleans up the pattern.

Here’s some examples of single gene Joppas:

You can see there is quite a variety in the pattern and brightness of color. The pattern is a brighter yellow and orange towards the belly. You can see the distinctive banding/saddled markings, elimination/reduced of the “alien head” markings inside the lateral pattern and high white outlines on the lateral patterning.

You can see the distinct differences between a Joppa (left) and a Wild Type/Normal (right):

There are a few Joppa combos that have been produced so far. You can see them on the World of Ball Pythons list here

One of the most striking Joppa combinations, the Joppa Black Pastel, was produced at Renick Reptiles. Below are pictures of a single gene Black pastel (left) and a Joppa Black pastel (right). This combination really showcases what the gene can do, and was the combination that convinced us to add the gene to our collection.

In our 2016 season we produced two Joppa combos.

Joppa Spotnose:

Single gene Spotnose for Comparison:


Joppa Mojave:

Single gene Mojave for comparison:


In 2017, our friend Joseph Saunders produced a Joppa Hidden Gene Woma

Joppa Hidden Gene Woma

and a Joppa Yellow Belly


Keep an eye out for more in 2018!