About Us

Nebula Exotics is based out of Piedmont, Oklahoma. We keep and breed primarily Ball Pythons and Dart Frogs. We are simply a couple of hobbyists that are passionate about the animals we keep. Our goal is to raise and produce quality, healthy animals for ourselves and our fellow reptile enthusiasts to enjoy. Our collection is small, and while we keep the market in mind when selecting projects, we only breed for the genes we truly enjoy and keep the animals that interest us.

We have been in the hobby for almost 20 years now, but did not start breeding until 2015. We produced our first ball python clutch in 2015, and our first season breeding dart frogs was 2016. We also culture multiple isopod species and springtails for use in vivariums.

As reptile enthusiasts, we have a wide range of animal interests, so we also have a variety of invertebrates, a few colubrids, boas, tree frogs, and a Leopard gecko as pets. We keep all of our frogs and inverts as well as several snakes in bioactive set ups, and are excited to get other keepers on board with this method. We carry a range of products and plants for bioactive vivariums for all types of animals.

Thanks for stopping by! Please use the links at the top to navigate to see our available animals, upcoming shows, basic husbandry information, and pictures of all of our clutches and our collection.