Supplies And Supplements


We carry The Bio Dude brand soils and biodegradeables for bioactive vivariums, pesticide free frog safe plants and insect feeds, as well as Repashy supplements.


Vivarium supplies:

Terra Flora soil- for high humidity environments: dart frogs, tree frogs, Rainbow Boas, etc

Terra Fauna soil- for moderate humidity environments: crested geckos, isopods, etc

Terra Firma soil- for low-moderate humidity environments and burrowers: ball Pythons, sand Boas, cornsnakes, etc

Terra Sahara soil- for low humidity environments: leopard geckos, bearded dragons, etc.

6qt bag – $9.95
36qt bag- $49.95

Hydrogrow- drainage layer for Terra Firm and Fauna set ups


Leaf litter and palm bark- biodegradable soil topper, helps keep moisture in the substrate, provides a food source for vivarium detritovores and hiding places for dart frogs

Magnolia- $4.95
Live oak- $6.95
Palm bark – $5.95

Live plants- frog safe, organic, pesticide free tropical foliage plants

2.25″ pot plants- $4.49
4″ pot plants- $8.95

Repashy supplements:

Calcium Plus- Calcium plus full spectrum multivitamin 3oz – $8.99

Vitamin A Plus- high level Vitamin A supplement plus full spectrum multivitamin 3oz – $8.99

Superpig- color enhancing carotenoid supplement 3oz- $12.99

Bug Burger- all purpose insect feed 12oz- $13.99

Morning Wood- isopod food 8oz- $8.99