Supplies And Supplements

We carry The Bio Dude brand soils and biodegradeables for bioactive vivariums, pesticide free frog safe plants, and Repashy supplements and insect feeds.

We also sell The Bio Dude brand fruit fly media and fruit fly culturing kits.

Vivarium supplies:

Terra Flora soil- for high humidity environments: dart frogs, tree frogs, Rainbow Boas, etc

Terra Fauna soil- for moderate humidity environments: crested geckos, isopods, etc

Terra Firma soil- for low-moderate humidity environments and burrowers: ball Pythons, sand Boas, cornsnakes, etc

Terra Sahara soil- for low humidity environments: leopard geckos, bearded dragons, etc.

Hydrogrow- drainage layer for Terra Firm and Fauna set ups

Leaf litter and palm bark- biodegradable soil topper, helps keep moisture in the substrate, provides a food source for vivarium detritovores and hiding places for dart frogs

Live plants- pesticide free tropical foliage plants, bromeliads and resurrection fern branches

Repashy supplements:

Calcium Plus- Calcium plus full spectrum multivitamin

Vitamin A Plus- high level Vitamin A supplement plus full spectrum multivitamin

Superpig- color enhancing carotenoid supplement

Bug Burger- all purpose insect feed

Superfly- universal fruit fly media