Isopods and springtails

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Isopod counts are for mixed sizes unless otherwise specified.

Isopod and springtail cultures we provide can be introduced directly to your vivarium, or can be used to start your own master culture. See the instructions for culturing your own clean up crew here.

Springtails- Collembolla spp.


Springtails 4 oz starter culture- $6

Collembola are tiny arthropods that thrive in wet, temperate conditions. A staple component of any bioactive soil clean up crew, they keep mold at bay and help break down waste. Springtails also make a great snack for dart frogs. We offer heavily packed culture starters that can be used as a snack for your frogs, added directly to your tank, or used to start a master culture to have as a back up food source or to replenish your bioactive soil as needed.

Dwarf White Isopods- Trichorhina tomentosa

Dwarf white isopods

50ct- $15

These small isopods are about 1/8″ as adults. They thrive in damp, humid conditions but can tolerate short periods of dryness. They reproduce very quickly. They make fantastic vivarium janitors and are a staple for most vivariums we have running here.

Rough Isopods- Porcellio scaber

Dalmation Isopods

Mix (Dalmatian, orange and gray mixed) 12ct- $15. SOLD OUT

These are quick producers and tolerate a wide range of environments as long as they have good ventilation and access to a humid/damp area. They are voracious protein seekers and should not be kept with very small or delicate inhabitants.

Zebra Isopods- Armadillidium maculatum

Zebra Isopods

12ct – $20

These are relatively slow producers and slow growers but are quite hardy. Moderate to high humidity is best for these isopods.

Powder Blue Isopods- Porcellionides pruinosus


15ct- $15

These are a hardy species that can tolerate a wide range of environments, from humid dart frog enclosures to arid leopard gecko set ups. They are extremely quick to reproduce and grow. Their softer exoskeleton and quick reproduction makes them an excellent choice to culture as a feeder or to use in an enclosure where they may get eaten.

Costa Rican Purple- Isopoda spp.


Uncounted (30+) SOLD OUT

This species is tiny, smaller than even the dwarf whites. They tolerate a wet environment well and reproduce quickly. They spend most of their time burrowed in the soil. They have a softer exoskeleton than other isopods and are suitable as a feeder as well as a janitor.

Common Isopod- Armadillidium vulgarae

Common Isopod

20ct – $15

This is your typical backyard Rolly Polly. The benefit of using captive bred individuals instead of catching them from outside is that any environmental contaminants that they may have been exposed to/ingested have been bred out over a couple generations. This is a fairly prolific species but slow to grow to maturity. They tolerate a wide range of environments. They are often seen foraging above the soil so they make a great isopod for a display.

Little Sea Isopod- Cubaris murina

Cubaris murina

20ct- $15

This adorable little isopod thrives in moderate to high humidity, but seems to spend a fair amount of time in drier areas as well. They produce small clutches and reproduce slowly.

Clown Isopod- Armadillidium klugii


12ct – $70

These Isopods prefer their environment dry and with good ventilation. We provide a corner with damp sphagnum moss and mist lightly only once or twice a week. The are slow growers and slow producers.

Smooth Isopod- Porcellio laevis


15ct – $15

These large Isopods like to burrow. They also move fast, reproduce fast and grow fast. They tolerate a wide range of environments and are an easy species to keep.  These features make them ideal for vivariums where they may get eaten.

Ornate Isopods – Porcellio ornatus


High Yellow 12ct- $50

These large isopods need a dry environment with good ventilation. We provide a corner with damp sphagnum moss and mist lightly only once or twice a week. The are quick growers and very prolific. They get quite large and make an enjoyable pet!