2020 Clutch #4

Hatched 10/2/2020

Asphalt x Banana Yellowbelly

The Asphalt sire was purchased several years ago as a YB-or-Asphalt from a Freeway Clutch. Our friends at Paraherpetologica bred him the first year, but no freeways were produced. This year we lucked out! We got one Banana Freeway from this clutch, officially making the YB-or-Asphalt an Asphalt!

Full clutch photo with the crowning jewel in the center!


2016 Clutch #3

2016 Clutch #3

Clown x Het Clown

Hatched 10/2016

The clown gene is one of our very favorite morphs. The sire has an uniquie pattern, very aberrant and fairly reduced. The clown offspring produced have a similar look. Het clown offspring, although visually normal, seem to be some of the brighter “normal” ball pythons.