2021 Clutch #4

Pastel Vanilla het Clown x Pastel Vanilla het Clown

Hatched 9/12/2021

This double recessive project did not give us what we wanted, which was a Pastel Vanilla Clown. Unfortunate, but still pretty cool for us that this clutch is the product of some of our very first snakes. We bought the grandparents as hatchlings, raised them and bred them, then kept two of those babies from clutch (2016 Clutch #5) , raised them and bred them. This is the second double recessive clutch like this for us (the first being: 2021 Clutch #1).

Note: Breeding siblings together is a common practice in the hobby, especially with double recessive projects. While its not ideal, breeding directly related animals a single time is not a problem. You start to run into issues with line breeding, when you breed generation after generation back into itself.


2021 Clutch #3

Mojave het VPI Axanthic x Fire het VPI Axanthic

Hatched 7/2/2021

The Odd Gods were NOT in our favor with this clutch. Though not our least successful clutch, I was VERY unimpressed with the number of “classics” and paltry number (one) of axanthics in this clutch. We did finally get our Axanthic Mojave Fire though, so I shouldn’t complain too much, but I will anyway.

2021 Clutch #2

Mojave x Butter Enchi Ghost

Hatched 6/5/2021

Who doesn’t love a blue eyed lucy? Seriously. What’s more eye catching than a solid white snake? “Lucy” is short for leucistic, which just means the snake is white because it lacks melanin. Various ball python morphs can be used to make an all white snake. We tried for years to breed two of our first snakes- a Lesser and a Mojave- so we could get the much desired BEL. After years of trying, and years of not succeeding, we finally gave up on those two when we realized we had another pair of snakes from the BEL complex we could use. They produced not one, but two BELs!

2021 Clutch #1

Het Hypo Het Clown x Het Hypo Het Clown

Hatched 4/10/2021

This clutch was great for us, because it was our first double recessive project from animals we raised ourselves. We hatched the parents in 2016 ( 2016 Clutch #7 ). The granddam came to us as an adult, but the grandsire was one of our first snakes we got early in the game. We lucked out big time with odds, hitting every possible outcome in just four snakes, including the prize- the Hypo Clown (also known as a Candy Clown).

2020 Clutch #4

Hatched 10/2/2020

Asphalt x Banana Yellowbelly

The Asphalt sire was purchased several years ago as a YB-or-Asphalt from a Freeway Clutch. Our friends at Paraherpetologica bred him the first year, but no freeways were produced. This year we lucked out! We got one Banana Freeway from this clutch, officially making the YB-or-Asphalt an Asphalt!

Full clutch photo with the crowning jewel in the center!