Fruit flies and isopods

  • We culture flightless melanogaster fruit flies, springtails, and a wide variety of isopods for our frogs and our vivariums (and for fun pets too!). We offer them for sale at shows we are vending, but may occasionally have some available outside of shows. If you’re in need of any of these outside of scheduled shows, please email us for availability.

Isopod and springtail cultures we provide can be introduced directly to your vivarium, or can be used to start your own master culture. See the instructions here.

Fruit flies


Fruit fly fresh culture- $5, producing culture- $8. Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies are the perfect prey item for dart frogs and other small frogs and geckos. A culture will last about a month. We sell fruit fly media as well if you desire to produce your own cultures. Once a new culture is set up it will need 14 days to produce offspring. We can offer newly started cultures or cultures that are already producing.



Springtails 4 oz starter culture- $5. Collembola are tiny arthropods that thrive in wet, temperate conditions. A staple component of any bioactive soil clean up crew, they keep mold at bay and help break down waste. Springtails also make a great snack for dart frogs. We offer culture starters that can be used as a snack for your frogs, added directly to your tank, or used to start a larger culture to have as a back up food source or to replenish your bioactive soil as needed.

Dwarf White Isopods


Dwarf white isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) 4 oz culture- $10. These small isopods are about 1/8″ as adults. They reproduce fairly quickly and so can be offered as a food source or be used as part of the vivarium clean up crew. Since they are a good size to be eaten by dart frogs they may need to be replenished in the soil on occasion. An 4 oz culture will contain at least 40 individuals. This can be used to start a larger culture if desired or added directly to the tank.

Giant orange and Dalmatian Isopods



Giant orange and Dalmatian Isopods (Porcellio scaber) 8 oz culture- $10 (Orange not currently available). These are slower to produce than the dwarf whites but still relatively quick to breed and grow. A culture will take a couple months to start producing well. In my experience they do not tolerate a very wet or extremely humid environment well, so a heavily misted enclosure or one containing a water feature may not be ideal. An 8oz culture will contain at least 10 individuals. This can be added directly to your tank or used to start a master culture.

Zebra Isopods


Zebra Isopods (Armadillidium maculatum) 8 oz culture- $20. These are relatively slow producers and slow growers but are quite hardy. A culture will take a month or so to start producing offspring but they will take several months to mature. An 8oz culture will contain at least 10 individuals. This can be added directly to your tank or used to start a master culture.


Powder Blue Isopod (Porcellionides pruinosus)8 oz culture- $10. These are a hardy species that can tolerate a wide range of environments, from humid dart frog enclosures to arid leopard gecko set ups. They are extremely quick to reproduce and grow. Their softer exoskeleton and quick reproduction makes them an excellent choice to culture as a feeder. An 8oz culture will contain at least 20 individuals.

Costa Rican Purple (Isopoda sp.) 4 oz culture- $5. This species is tiny, smaller than even the dwarf whites. They tolerate a wet environment well and reproduce fairly quickly. They have a softer exoskeleton than other isopods and are suitable as a feeder as well as a janitor. An 4oz culture will contain around 15 individuals but due to their small size they’re hard to count accurately.

Rolly Pollies (Armadillidium vulgarae)8 oz culture- $5. This is your typical backyard Rolly Polly/ Common Woodlouse/ Pill Bug. This is a very prolific species but slow to grow to maturity. They tolerate a wide range of environments. An 8oz culture will contain at least 10-12 individuals and offspring.