2021 Clutch #4

Pastel Vanilla het Clown x Pastel Vanilla het Clown

Hatched 9/12/2021

This double recessive project did not give us what we wanted, which was a Pastel Vanilla Clown. Unfortunate, but still pretty cool for us that this clutch is the product of some of our very first snakes. We bought the grandparents as hatchlings, raised them and bred them, then kept two of those babies from clutch (2016 Clutch #5) , raised them and bred them. This is the second double recessive clutch like this for us (the first being: 2021 Clutch #1).

Note: Breeding siblings together is a common practice in the hobby, especially with double recessive projects. While its not ideal, breeding directly related animals a single time is not a problem. You start to run into issues with line breeding, when you breed generation after generation back into itself.


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