2017 Clutch #4

Banana het Pied x Pied

Hatched 9/22/2017

This pairing was produced via a breeding loan, one of our het pied females was paired with a banana pos het (now proven het!) pied.

One banana Pied, one Pied, and one banana stayed with the owner of the sire. We chose one Pied, one banana, and one AMAZING banana Pied paradox/chimera.

A chimera, usually referred to as a paradox, is produced when two zygotes fuse and create one animal. The genes that are expressed around the cloaca/reproductive organs are the genes that are likely to be passed on to the animal’s offspring. Our chimera has only Pied markings around the cloaca, and being female from a male banana, it is unlikely that she will pass on the banana gene. (But we don’t care, not even a little).

We are borrowing the sire to repeat the pairing again next year. Maybe we’ll get lucky again!


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