2015 Clutch #1

2015 Clutch #1

Super Pastel x Pastel Enchi

This pairing had a lot of potential, but unfortunately was a bit of a disaster. The dam (named Pancakes) laid two eggs but didn’t produce anymore. We could tell she had more left to lay but wasn’t in distress so we monitored her. After a couple days she didn’t produce any more eggs, so we took her to the Vet (Dr. Brad Minson at Neel Veterinary Hospital). An X-ray showed four eggs remaining. Oxytocin was administered to encourage contraction but was unsuccessful so she had to go to surgery. Surgery revealed that one of Pancake’s oviducts had twisted. The surgeon had to remove the oviduct. Basically, she had a csection. You can see the photos from the procedure here. None of the eggs removed surgically were viable, and of the two she laid before surgery only one snake came out of the egg. That left us with a single hatchling. We named Solo and added her to our permanent collection. Pancakes recovered well from surgery and was cleared by the Veterinarian to breed again. However, if problems arise with future clutches she will be retired and kept strictly as a pet.




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